Jay Lag Noir sur Blanc 100pxJay Lag is a french photographer from Paris who loves traveling around the world. This California lover, passionate about glamour portrait photography, is always aiming to concentrate the most aesthetic figures in the frame.

Since he was young, Jay always liked to play with shapes and shades, colors and expressions. In the mid 90’s, he was playing with film and disposable cameras. By 1995, he had of one of the first consumer digital cameras, the Apple QuickTake 150, and started to frame everything with it. He finished high school with a creative desire to see life differently. In the 2000’s, he started to study design in a Parisian school and won its first creative competition by designing telephone card patterns. He then became passionate about people, expressions and faces. He also learned to draw as well as he was framing people with better digital cameras.

Several years later, with high-end camera sensors, he started the Nude Light Painting project, and was still framing people to get the best results with portrait and fashion photography. Always at the cutting-edge of technology, he bought the first iPhone in 2007 and began to shoot with it when iPhoneography art started to emerge. By 2009, the Hipstamatic app on the iPhone gave Jay an unbelievable opportunity to catch beautiful and aesthetic images of the world today. Today Jay Lag shoots photos both from Canon DSLRs as well as from his iPhone.

Jay Lag had won international prizes in Italy and the United Kingdom. His work has been exposed in Paris and London. He was awarded by Mashable and he was recognized by Business Insider as one of the five best Hipstamatic photographers in the world.